Saturday, January 15, 2011

Teaching to test and it's all about the numbers...

I've been thinking more recently about an email list I am on. I have seen a lot of activity regarding the CMT’s – which is a standardized test…all Public School children in Connecticut are evaluated with these evidently. Some homeschooling mama’s are wondering if they should have their children evaluated as well, or if they should find auxiliary tutoring that focuses on standardized testing by state.

For the record – homeschooled children really don’t need to do this, but it seems to have some parents all worked up and they want it, so it’s a good thing that there are resources out there for the parents to utilize for their kid's test preparation. Mine are far too young for it but personally I would be more concerned with SAT courses. That seems to me to be far more where the attention should be focused.

When talking to another parent in a production that my first grader is currently in, his statement was as follows...“they tell you off the record, it's all about those numbers, it controls the funding and what help the kids can get."

He is the dad of fraternal twin boys, both are kinesthetic learners. Homeschooling appealed to him for the purpose of being able to design a curriculum around his children's specific learning style and needs. It's a shame that we've forgotten that kids need to learn for learning’s sake, not to become statistics.


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