Friday, June 15, 2012


First graders seem to enjoy art projects, so give them plenty of opportunities to draw, paint, cut, paste, and sculpt. Keep your art supplies in a special caddy or box that they decorate. Rubbermaid has divided totes that work great, or check the Dollar Store for totes.

Begin to collect art books and craft supplies from yard sales. You would be amazed at what people do not want anymore. Try to stay away from having your child color in coloring books. Encourage them to be creative by drawing and coloring their own pictures. There are books that have the beginning of a picture and your child completes it by drawing in the majority. This is good for kids who constantly say, “I don’t know what to draw.”

It is a good idea to always have plenty of plain white paper, colored paper, crayons, paints, scissors, glue, pipe cleaners, tape, sidewalk chalk, glue sticks, old magazines, homemade play dough… Put out some supplies with no instructions to follow. Tell your child to create as they wish. Watch out for a burst of creativity. If you have miscellaneous items such as fabric, yarn, cardboard, beads, sequins, spangles, googly eyes and such, put them out too. The more the merrier.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Flag Day is Everyday

June 14th is Flag Day. Celebrate then and every day. A flag is more than colored cloth hanging on a pole. A flag contains symbols that mean something to people. The American flag has thirteen red and white stripes that stand for our thirteen original colonies (states). It also has fifty stars, with each standing for one of our fifty states. Try making a flag that would mean something to you by using symbols to stand for important things in your life.

Your Own Flag

· 12 x 18 (or poster board)
· Markers
· Scissors
· Tape
· 3/4 " dowel (optional)
· Lamination or clear Con-Tact paper (optional)

1. Write your name (really big) in the middle of the paper. Decide what things in your life are important to you. It could be your hobbies, team sports, pets, church, or anything else.
2. Pick a symbol to stand for each activity and draw them on the flag. (Or you could cut the symbols from construction paper and use glue to place them on the flag.)
3. It is a good idea to laminate your flag or cover with clear Con-Tact paper in order to strengthen it.
4. You can attach your new flag to a wooden dowel if you have one. PVC also works. Put several pieces of tape on the left (short) edge and wrap this around your dowel so that your flag will be able to stand up.
5. Fly it someplace special!

Here is a great link for flag making.