Friday, April 15, 2011

Environmental differences and how plants grow

Arbor Day was a few days ago, and it provided us with a great chance to learn about trees, their insides, the growth patterns, and what we've got in our own little interior garden here.

Some trees grow very tall and create a canopy of leaves that keep other plants from growing beneath. We can simulate this effect with our Marigolds by putting a paper cup over the plant (with holes in it of course, some sun will get in) which will allow us to see what happens when plants don't get sun as much as others.

Keep a little ruler near by and see what the difference is in growth on a daily basis with your first grader. Watch the plants which get more sun grow with gusto...

Now we can simulate a much more arid environment as well. Set one Marigold aside from the sunny bunch and don't water it as often as its counterparts get watered. This will help your first grader learn about different climates and how certain plants grow with different conditions.

How are those Cherry Tomato's growing? Ready for a planter yet? No? Ok. Let 'em keep growing. That's the hardest part of Tomato's, watching them grow enough to transplant.

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