Sunday, May 15, 2011's warmer and the kids are antsy.

So we're taking our first beach day. It's not quite warm enough to go swimming yet, where we live the Atlantic has not warmed up enough, but we can pull into our homeschooling science curriculum and see what sorts of things we can learn about sea life and our local ecosystem at the shore.

Our local aquarium has Beluga whales, penguins, Seals, Hognosed Rays, Sharks and Jelly Fish – and these are just in the large tanks. We also have smaller tanks with other regions represented as well as a touch tank with horse shoe crabs and star fish, and other things that you might find in a tidal pool. For an unexpectedly hot day this is a fantastic break away, and can help reinforce much of what is taught at in homeschooling, whether in a home or co-op setting.

Then off to the beach, to see what else might be found that we saw at the Aquarium. Depending on where you are in our region, you might get to see a whale rise out in the ocean, or a seal sunning itself on the rocks, but there's no saying that if you are further inland that you can't do some studies on local wildlife as well.

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