Monday, July 2, 2012


Do you include music in your homeschool lessons? Music should be an integral part of every homeschooler's curriculum. Even if you are not musical, it is easy to expose your child to a variety of good music. Try including jazz, classical, Christian, folk, patriotic, popular (familiar) music. Do not forget to include your children's favorites.

Children love music. They enjoy skipping, twirling, dancing, singing, tiptoeing, and resting to it. They can listen to music in the car, in their room, as part of a lesson, with the family… Allow them to enjoy music often and to express themselves through a variety of music in a variety of ways. Very soon, they will begin selecting their favorites, so get ready to play them over and over. I will not tell if you put in earplugs!

Use some of your art time to make homemade musical instruments. You can make them from everyday items. A simple google search will turn up loads of ideas. For example, your child can make a tambourine from two aluminum pie pans or foam plates taped together with dried beans inside. A drum can simply be a former oatmeal box. Bang two sticks . Ring bells if you have them. Just be creative!

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